What We Do

For over a decade, we have been gathering the excess bounty of our region and distributing it to those who need it most.

Backyard Harvest works in partnership with our community to connect those with extra fresh produce and those who need it most. 

Our efforts are guided by a simple set of principles—

Small things matter. Governmental agencies and large charitable organizations often overlook small, privately-owned sources of fresh food. Backyard Harvest programs highlight the impact small vegetable gardens, residential fruit trees and urban chicken coops can have on a community’s food system—providing tens of thousands of pounds of high-quality, fresh food for neighbors to share.

Self-reliance is good for the planet. When communities can feed themselves, they eliminate the transportation and packaging costs that rely on non-renewable resources.

Food grows communities. We have found, time and again, that when people are engaged in producing and sharing their own food, a community’s sense of common purpose and fellowship is strengthened. Gathering, gleaning, and growing are activities that engage people of disparate ages, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds.

Share good ideas. Our success as an organization will be measured by the extent to which our programs influence and shape local food systems across the country. We hope you will join with us in rediscovering the bounties in our backyards.

How Can You Help?


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Help us maintain garden plots in Pullman and Moscow.


Deliver our produce to various food access sites.

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