What is a Volunteering Promoter?

Most web sites that list volunteering opportunities require organizations to keep their own information up to date. If an organization has someone dedicated to this purpose that is fine, but many, if not most, organizations don’t do a good job with this. Inspired Palouse relies on our own volunteers to keep our information current. These volunteers are known as Volunteering Promoters because they help promote the organizations they are supporting.

How much work is involved in being a Volunteering Promoter?

There is a bit of upfront work to fill out the information about an organization the first time. View an existing page here to get an idea of the information we are looking to obtain for every organization. However, after that first time, the expectation is just that you would contact each organization once per month and make sure the information is still up to date. You may also update your listing to contain any new information.

The expectation is that the Volunteering Promoter position should only take a few hours every month.

Work on your schedule!

You will be given login credentials to the Inspired Palouse site and you will be able to enter and update your listings at any time. How you keep up with your organizations is entirely up to you. Could be phone calls, could be e-mail or it could be face-to-face. The important thing is that the information in your listings is accurate and up to date.

How many organizations does a Volunteering Promoter monitor?

We expect our Volunteering Promoters to “own” at least 3 organizations. It may be tempting to sign up as a Volunteering Promoter just to list your own organization, but we believe it is important for our Promoters to be exposed to multiple organizations. What our Promoters learn from one organization can then be shared with their others. Of course, our Promoters may have closer ties to one of their organizations than the others, which is not a problem.

Why should someone become a Volunteering Promoter?

There are SO many amazing things being done in our community. If you already volunteer, then you know at least one organization but there are many, many more. They all have their stories and they all have their enthusiastic supporters. Talking to them is sure to energize anyone and we want you to share that energy with everyone that comes to our site.

How does a Volunteering Promoter choose the organizations they support?

If an organization you are interested in is not listed on our site then chances are it is all yours! Want options? We will provide you with a list of organizations to choose from, or you can do some sleuthing of your own. Some of these organizations are hard to find, which is exactly what we are trying to solve!

What types of organizations get listed on this site?

Our mission is to help EVERYONE volunteer. If there is an organization needing volunteers then chances are VERY good that they should be listed here. We always reserve the right to decline a particular listing but at Inspired Palouse we do not discriminate against any race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or disability.

Getting started

Go to our contact page and fill out the form. We’ll get back to you ASAP!