Local Disaster Recovery Manager

Position description:

The Local Disaster Recovery Manager implements, coordinates, and advocates local disaster recovery goals, objectives, and outcomes set by the community. The Local Disaster Recovery Manager takes a holistic view of implementation as sets of project activities, linking internal local government activities with those of the community’s stakeholders to ensure progress and completion of outcomes identified in community plans, strategies, or other recovery objectives.

Job duties:
  • Facilitates and supports effective decision-making and coordination across management and coordination levels for recovery objectives and activities, including Leadership and Administration, Policy and Oversight, Funding and Financial Management, Community Planning and Land Use, Housing Recovery, Infrastructure Recovery, Natural and Cultural Resources Recovery, Economic Recovery, and Public Health and Welfare.
  • Integrates recovery implementation with community recovery planning processes.
  • Ensures a well-managed recovery, including development and coordination of partnerships and a well-administered financial acquisition and grants management process.
  • Fosters information sharing and manages proactive community engagement, public participation and public awareness.
  • Encourages organizational flexibility.
  • Integrates resilient rebuilding into all recovery projects.
  • Recruits, assigns, and manages appropriate staffing level.
  • Communicates community recovery needs and priorities to federal and state agencies.
  • Works with activity coordinators in setting and managing priorities and budgets.

Legal Advisor

Position description:

The Legal Advisor provides legal counsel and guidance to the Local Disaster Recovery Manager and Local Recovery Advisory Board on disaster recovery plans and activities. The Legal Advisor should represent the local Office of the General Counsel.

Job duties:
  • Supports requests from local recovery management about actions with outcomes that may require a legal opinion regarding policy and authority by ordinances, statutes, state laws, and federal laws.
  • Proposes solutions to issues requiring legal or legislative action at the local or state levels.
  • Negotiates, prepares, drafts, revises and approves contracts, deeds, leases, resolutions, ordinances and other legal documents.
  • Establishes and maintains cooperative planning and working relationships with local community agencies and officials.
  • Reviews documents and renders opinions on their legal validity or acceptability.
  • Investigates claims and complaints by or against the local government and recommends action to be taken.
  • If necessary, prepares cases for disaster recovery damages (declaratory and injunctive) and relief at the state and federal level. May also prepare for other suits, administrative proceedings, and hearings by taking depositions and preparing pleadings, motions, memoranda, written discovery, briefs, and trial and appellate materials. Attends meetings of the disaster recovery management and advisory teams.
  • Maintains logs, files, and documents related to legal elements of recovery.