First and foremost, thank you for becoming a Volunteering Promoter! This is an incredibly important job and one that we believe we will make a tremendous impact on our community. Nearly every one we talk to about volunteering mentions how difficult it can be to find and connect with the right organization. You are about to make that a LOT easier!

Getting Started

You’ve already taken the very first step by receiving your login credentials and logging in. The next step is to create your listings. From the Manage Listings page, click on the “Add New Listing” button. This will bring up the form you need to fill out.

Each entry that has a “*” after the name is a required field and must be filled in.

For Category, select the option that is closest to the type of organization you are promoting. If nothing seems to fit, or if you are struggling to figure this out, just let us know. It is very easy to add additional categories if we need to.

“Title” is simply the name of the organization. The rest of the fields have descriptions that should help you fill them out. For Tags, again, if you think we need additional ones, let us know and we can add them!

“Promoter’s Take” is an important one. This is where you can enter your observations about the organization. If you have personal experience working with them you can write about that, or if they made a good initial impression on you, you could mention that. The point is that we want the listing to have a personal touch. It is important to note that your role is a “promoter” so you want to use this field to encourage people to help your organization. If, after looking into it, you decide you cannot promote a particular organization let us know and we can discuss others.

The Description section is where you can enter the main details about the organization. This section allows formatting and you can even include pictures. Look at the entry for Palouse Habitat for Humanity to get a template to follow.

In the “Images” section, please upload a picture, preferably the logo for that organization.

Once your entry is complete you can click the “Place Listing” button. If you just want to save your work to come back later, click on the “Save Draft” button.

Done! You’ve created a listing!

What’s next?

Listings are set to automatically expire every 35 days. The purpose of this is to remind you to keep the information fresh. It is VERY important that we not let our pages get stale because if our web site visitors may not come back if they find they can’t trust what we tell them!

Before your listing expires you will receive an e-mail notifying you of the impending expiration. All you have to do is click on the link in the e-mail to renew your listing (you have 15 days after receiving the e-mail). However, please take this time to contact the organization and make sure everything is still up to date.

You can edit a listing at any time through the Manage Listings page. All of your listings can be found there and there is an Edit button next to each. You can also delete listings through this page if you need to.


Don’t hesitate to ask. If you are unsure of something it is likely that others will be as well. We want to make the job of Volunteering Promoter as easy as possible because we know you are busy people and your time is valuable. If you have suggestions for ways to make things easier please let us know!

No longer able to manage your listings?

We get it. Life happens. We all go through stages where we have more time to volunteer and less time to volunteer. Whatever the reason, just let us know as soon as you can and we’ll find new volunteers to “adopt” your organizations.